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The Big Bang Theory - Best episode ever

Después de 7 años, The Big Bang Theory es una de las grandes comedias que se están emitiendo en el momento. A pesar de que tuvo un pequeño bache, la incorporación de la parte femenina ayudó mucho a aumentar la audiencia de nuestros frikis favoritos. Y muestra de ello es el último capítulo, S07E06 "The Romance Resonance", que puede ser uno de los mejores capítulos que hemos visto hasta el momento.

After 7 years, The Big Bang Theory is one of the best comedies at the moment. Despite the decrease in the audience a few years ago, there's no doubt that the incorporation of the female part helped our favorite freaks to be what they are now. And a proof of this is its last episode, S07E06 "The Romance Resonance", which might be one of the best episodes we have ever seen of the series. 

La escena de Howard cantándole a Bernadette por el aniversario de su primera cita es simplemente genial y preciosa. Serán mis hormonas femeninas, pero creo que es la primera vez que se me saltan las lágrimas con esta serie. Y como siempre, el personaje principal de la serie, Sheldon, tenía que destacar. Alucinante la última escena, en la que por un momento nos engañan y hacen creer que Sheldon va a besar - OMG! - a Amy. Seguid así TBBT, seguiréis ganando Emmys como rosquillas. 

Howard's scene singing to Bernadette for the anniversary of their first day is great and beautiful. It might be my feminine hormones' fault, but I think it's the first time I shed a tear with this series. And as always, the main character of the series, Sheldon, had to stand out. The last scene where they trick us and make us believe that Sheldon wants to kiss - OMG - Amy is just amazing. Keep on like this and you will continue winning Emmys!

"If I didn’t have you 

Life would be blue 
I’d be Dr. Who without the Tardis 
A candle without a wick 
A Watson without a Crick 
I’d be one of my outfits without a Dick-ie 
I’d be cheese without the mac 
Jobs without the Wozniak 
I’d be solving exponential equations that use bases not found on your calculator making it much harder to crack 
I’d be an atom without a bomb 
A dot without the com 
And I’d probably still live with my mom

And he’d probably still live with his mom

Ever since I met you You turned my world around 
You supported all my dreams and all my hopes 
You’re like Uranium 235 and I’m Uranium 238 
Almost inseparable isotopes

I couldn’t have imagined 
How good my life would get 
From the moment that I met you, Bernadette

If I didn’t have you 
Life would be dreary 
I’d be string theory without any string 
I’d be binary code without a one 
A cathode-ray tube without an electron gun 
I’d be “Firefly,” “Buffy” and “Avengers” without Joss Whedon 
I’d speak a lot more Klingon Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam

And he’d definitely still live with his mom

Ever since I met you 
You turned my world around 
You’re my best friend and my lover 
We’re like changing electric and magnetic fields 
You can’t have one without the other

I couldn’t have imagined 
How good my life would get 
From the moment that I met you, Bernadette

Oh, we couldn’t have imagined 
How good our lives would get 
From the moment that we met you, Bernadette"

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